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Welcome to the former Romanian gymnast Nicoleta Onel official homepage!
Nicoleta Onel was one of the most talented and promising gymnasts of all times and one of the leading Romanian gymnasts.

Mostly familiar to the gymnastics fans worldwide by her green eyes and cute appearance (often compared to a model), she took part in many national and international competitions in the mid 90's where she achieved notable results and quickly became remarked in the gymnastics community and emerged as a promising new Romanian gymnastics talent.

Forced to retire early from competition by an unfortunate spinal accident that could have cost her life, little is known about her; many believe that she has probably gone down in the gymnastics history, her results aside, as one of the few promising gymnasts who have never made it to the senior level.

The best and most notable performances of Nicoleta's gymnastics career include two all-round vice-champion titles; one won at the European Junior Championships in Belgium, 1995 and another one obtained at the World Junior Championships in Japan, 1997 (which coincides with the climax of her career).

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Do you know that Nicoleta has been working in the Emirates for 5 years now?

Do you know that Nicoleta has never accepted to get involved in the Romanian Gymnastics Federation scandals?

Do you know that Nicoleta is called Raluca :) by her relatives?


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